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I feel like shit.

My head is pounding, and there are some pretty... odd looking marks on my back. I'm fairly sure they weren't there yesterday. I've yet to find out what exactly I did while inebriated, but I'm sure it wasn't pretty.

Gods, I feel like fucking dying. Who gives a fuck if this is the first day of my seventh year? It's not like I've got anything to accomplish here. I'm sure most people would be happy if I disappeared into the fucking mansion after school and was never seen again.

Well, fuck them. I'll do whatever the hell I want. And right now, I want some fucking peace and quiet!

firewhiskey! dragons tonic! alcohol!

Hhehehe, I am soooo drunk. No! I'm not. Malfloys don't get fdrunk! Hehehe... Pansy's so nice. i lover her. SHe brings me pretty alcohol to drown problems. SHe's so pretty.

Ahhh... i feel happy. real happy. like so happt i cnat even feel it. come to that, i cant feel my left arms. is that badf? Meh, oh well. Madmale ponfresy will make it better. she's not so bad if you ignore the hidiuos hairdo. or hairdont, hehehehe

i dont memeber tonigt. nate. i member nate. fuck! alcohol where are you? you were sposed to make me forget.... ahhh, more alcohol... pansys tryin stop me. she cant. its mine.

Ow stop nocking. it hurts.ow.

Hogwarts, what a crap-hole. The only good thing about this year--I get my own room. Thank Merlin.  I don't have to listen to Crabbe and Goyle's snores anymore.  Those two could be mistaken for a train.

Fuck, well at least Blaise is being semi-normal again. I don't know what happened to him except maybe that little.... well, you know who I mean. But what could she have done, eh? I don't get it.  

Seventh year is supposed to be the best.  The Dark Lord is gone, I guess Dumbledore's not so horrible after all, but still; he could do with a haircut.  They finally moved the curfew to 10 o'clock for older students, although it's not like that matters to me. I can do whatever the hell I want.

I feel like shattering something.... where the hell is my wand...

Owl to Pansy

Owl to Blaise (only)

Owl to Pansy (only)

Pans, read.

Perfect in a Fucked Up Way

I think somebody is hiding something from me, and I want to know, damn it!  You don't keep secrets from me, I'm Draco Fucking Malfoy thank you very much.

Gods, this year is already turning out to be quite the horror.  That little Mudblood Granger actually threatened me yesterday!  Can you imagine? I thought this year might be bad, what with father in jail and mother dead, but it seems the Golden Trio want to make it worse.  On the bright side, no sign of the Weasel yet.  Maybe he died... Ah, well, one can only hope.

Late Night Last Night

I am going to AK Pansy as soon as I see her.  She told me it was butterbeer but I have this sinking suspicion it was more along the lines of Muggle Vodka. Either way, I'm here with a splitting headache and the house-elves have hidden all the damn hangover potions!  Apparently my father decided I needed to learn something called "consequences".  Personally, I don't see the point.

... Oh shit. I've just realized something. I did something very unbecoming last night, hit on an ugly Hufflepuff, or rather, ex-Hufflepuff.  The damn pouf is a teacher now.  Gods, what was I thinking?  He's not even good looking! *shudder*  I need to go shower. Now.
Damn, Why the f*** did I join this stupid livejournal?  I blame Blaise.  He's always trying to get me to join places like these.

I suppose since I did, I might as well tell a little something about me.  I'll be starting Seventh year at Hogwarts this year. I do rather hope Potter won't be as dense as before.  He doesn't seem to understand... Well, nevermind.  Why should I tell you this anyway?  This is my personal life here.

Oh, something interesting happened today.  Pansy decided she wanted to put highlights in her hair, so she went into my father's private stores of potions while he was off doing Merlin knows what.  So she grabbed one and attempted blond highlights (something I would not recommend if you have as dark hair as she does).  So intstead of blonde, they're purple.  I mean, they could have at least been green!  That would have been, at the very least, appropriate.  I refuse to help her put it back.  She didn't like that, but what do I care?  I have my own hair to look after.



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